A little about my home town and my painting

I live in Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. We have sandy beaches and one can in twenty minutes reach the countryside with its Beech forests. One can also reach Denmark and the capital city Copenhagen in less than 30 minutes, now when the Öresund Bridge finally has been built after centuries of hesitation.

The bridge is one of the biggest constructions in Europe and consists of an 8 kilometres (5 miles) long bridge, a 4 kilometres artificially made island called Pepparholmen and a 4 kilometres long tunnel...->

My painting is simply a hobby, my favourite hobby actually. Another major hobby is weightlifting, and perhaps those two are a somewhat strange combination. Some of my friends think so...

Something that perhaps also seems peculiar is my "strategy" when I paint. It is not silent around me when it happens. My so-called "studio" consists of a always untidy desk in a corner. I play music loud and the music itself is "fast and furious". Perhaps it is a way for me to turn off surrounding, disturbing, elements. People who call me sometimes gets a bit irritated when I am not answering their calls, and they know that I am at home. The loud music makes me focus on my painting and it could take several hours before I even get up from the chair.


I am always searching for motifs for my painting. The result depends on the motif - if the picture is of poor quality, so will the result of the painting be as well. I think this makes the difference between a "real" painter and me. I must have a good original to base my work on, where as a real painter can imagine how things would look like. I have no art education what so ever and when I paint I find out by experience how I must do.

My first painting, painted 1995. I gave it to my grandmother. By some reason, she could never find any free space on her walls to put it on. The painting was placed in her wardrobe...

am perhaps a bit single-tracked regarding the art I like myself. I prefer art where I can see what it is, i.e. art within the genre realism. I do not like such art where it is up to me as a beholder to interpret. Some critics have said "what you do is trying to copy photos, one can just as well magnify the photo and put it on the wall instead". Well, they are right. I will probably never reach that far, but if the painting in the end looks almost the same as the photo, then, in my eyes, I have succeeded. That is the challenge for me. It is my way of painting and what others think of this is of no interest. I do not paint for others, just to make some money. I paint because I enjoy it, immensely.

Comparison between original and result:

Postcard, 17x11 cm


35x27 cm


Postcard, 17x11 cm


35x27 cm


Photograph, 10x15 cm


10x15 cm


Some people have suggested that I should make larger paintings. I do make larger ones occasionally, but not that much larger. It requires other brushes, more paint and more space. But, most importantly, I get bored of the motif before I have finished the piece. I get bored quickly and if I cannot get the right feeling for a painting I will never finish it. Such incidents bother me since I have not got that much time for my favourite hobby. Unfortunately I have to go to work in daytime to get money.

All paintings you see here are, with few exceptions, painted on canvas board. I have used other materials also, but it is easier to paint details on a smooth surface. I use oil, with no exceptions, and the brushes I use are of different material. The thing which the brushes have in common, is that they are rather small.

I started to sell my paintings in year 2000. Earlier I tended to give them away, even though they were commissioned work. I felt, and still do, it difficult to name a price, since I usually was very critical to the result. I am still very critical (an understatement), but friends and co-workers have convinced me that the paintings are worth selling. Why not believe them. Another good reason to sell is the lack of space - my apartment is not nearly as large as a castle...

Most of my paintings have been bought by people here in Sweden. It has been collegues or people who have seen my work on exhibitions or on this site. One can also find my work in the US, Finland, India and Japan. It is fun to have exhibitions. I prefer standing in the background, since I get embarrassed when people discuss me and my work when I am present.

I am amazed if you have read all the way down here but also very grateful that you did. If you find any of the paintings particularly interesting, please contact me;


But, remember, if it says "not for sale" at a painting, I really mean that as well. I have some favourites that I will not sell, at any price. I have exhibit them here on my site only to show them to friends and others that might be interested. My site is not on the web primarily to sell paintings, but rather to show my favourite hobby.




I hope you will enjoy your stay and please stop by again!


Me, 2001


...some pictures from a trip to Sicily, Italy. 2005.


The volcano Etna on Sicily. Visited Sep 2005.

The view from Castelmola, Sicily. Visited Sep 2005.


...some pictures from Thailand, 2006.


Hong island.

The island Poda outside Ao Nang.